How we win in the fight against human trafficking

After over a decade of a critical number of individuals, law enforcement, faith communities,  non-profits, schools and organizations working on this issue, we now have a pretty good idea of what works to fight human trafficking.  There are school districts that have driven the recruiters and pimps out of their school district.  However the traffickers are smart.  They just notify each other through their own social media to stay out of that school district and find another one.  Hospital and medical clinics are providing training on how to recognize victims.  Once the Traffickers get wind of that, they go somewhere else. There are cities that have closed down street prostitution and all their illegal massage parlors.  The traffickers just go to the next city. The list goes on and on.   While we are slowly squeezing them out, we need to step up the pace by duplicating what is working and engaging more people in the fight.  The mission of "Together, We Can End Human Trafficking" is to teach individuals, groups and organizations what they can do to end human trafficking by providing trainings and working models and connecting them to the resources they need. (Please see our "Working Models" tab.) We do this through our website, social media, books, training's, awareness campaigns, etc.  Your generous donation helps us grow our  effort to end human trafficking. Together We Can End Human Trafficking is a 501C3.

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The Community is the solution

Human Trafficking is the second largest and fastest growing criminal enterprise in  the U.S. and the World.  Only 1% to 2% of victims are ever rescued.  Unless we go "up the river" to prevent it, this crime against humanity will never end.  Law enforcement is the first to tell us that we will not "arrest our way" out of this problem.  At a recent human trafficking  task force meeting, law enforcement stated that they are 3% of the solution, non-profits are 7% and the community is 90% of the solution.  Please consider taking action with some of the suggestions below and on the tabs as a way to do your part.  You are welcome to contact us with actions and working models that you have found to work and we will either post it here or at our Facebook page.  If enough people engage in taking action, we can end human trafficking.

Let's Take Action


Do You Have 15 Minutes

1. Teens are a target because they are easy to trick and traffickers can charge more for them.   Go to netsmartz and watch one of the  2 min. videos with your children or grandchildren.  Then share what you did with your friends., other parents, church group, coworkers, etc.

2.. Almost 100% of victims will see a health professional while they are victims.  Direct the health professionals you know to  the Soar website to get training. 

3. Make sure you only purchase "fair trade" (slave free) coffee, tea and chocolate.  Then tell your friends the best place to buy these products.  

4.Porn creates fantasies that viewers believe only a prostituted person can fulfill.  Go to and block any device that is using your wifi from accessing porn.  Then tell your friends, coworkers, etc. what you did.

5. Re-post a blog or post one of our posters to your social media site from the Awarenss Campaign tab.

6.  Put the national human trafficking hotline number into your phone.  1-888-373-7888. 

For more 15 minute actions,  please go to the 15 minute tab.


Do You Have 2 Hours

1.   1. Invite a speaker to come speak to teens and parents.   You can find presentations on our Speakers tab that a youth pastor or teacher could use. 

  2. Over 70% of victims are from the foster care system. Ask your Pastor if you can invite a foster care organization to come speak at your service and have them host a table outside to answer people's questions.

3.  Ask  an organization like Boys and Girls club or the Y or your youth pastor if you can hang the two posters for teens on the Awareness Campaign tab and then go to an office supply website and create the poster.

4.  Print out some "fair trade" flyers and bring them to your singles group, service club meeting,  bible study,  a get together with friends, etc. and ask if you can put them on the tables. 

5. Serve Fair Trade coffee at your church or office with a flyer in a sign stand as a simple way to raise awareness.

6. Go to a city hall meeting and find out what your city is doing to close down hotels/motels where prostitution is taking place and/or illegal massage parlors. 

For more 2 hour actions, please go to the 2 hour tab.


Can You Take on a Project

1. Join our "Billboard Project," the most effective way to reach the largest number of people.  Details on this is on our Awareness Campaign tab.

2. Contact your local non-profit and find out what items that they need and host a drive for them with flyers that promote the work that they do.

3. Put together a "fair trade" table for your church or school fair. 

4. Create an educational conference.

5.. Become a speaker. You can find trainings on our Speakers and Trainings tab.

For details on how to do the above and for more project ideas, please go the project tab.

Events and Meetings for the Southern California Community


 For the most part, many efforts in the faith community are isolated efforts.  For churches that want to start something, they would love to connect with active churches.  However they don't know who they are.  In Southern California, we have connected the faith community in five counties so they can collaborate and mentor each other.  Events and trainings are posted so people know how they can become educated. You can find out more at this site and use it as a model for other states 


Are you a Leader in the fight?

For many of you, the 15 minute tasks are enough.  That is all you can do.  For others, you are called to be a leader in the fight.   Task force leaders have contacted us because while they may be an expert in law enforcement, when the general public asks them what they can do, they are often at a loss.  The book  "How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference" was written for speakers, ministry and social justice leaders, pastors, rabbis, task forces, etc. in essence, anyone who feels called to be a leader in the fight against human trafficking and wants to mobilize the community. The book contains answers to most of the questions people ask and enables one to "hit the ground running." Amazon lets us offer the  e-book at no cost four times a year.   Those dates are the 15th to the 19th, in the months of January, April, July and October. You can find the book here. 

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