15 Minute Actions That work to reduce human trafficking


Fair Trade

1. Fair Trade means no slaves were used in the production of a product. Ask your church or work place if they would consider using Fair Trade coffee.  Starbucks is now Ethical Trade so it counts. You can use this flyer in a sign stand or print out this one.  (The one with the white background uses less ink from your printer.) 

2. Find the best sources locally for purchasing Fair Trade items like coffee, tea or sugar and share that  with your friends.

3. Poor people in the 3rd world sell their oldest child to the traffickers so the rest of the family can eat.  For the Holidays, purchase a gift online from an organization that is supporting people in the 3rd world like a napsack, candles, jewelry, etc.  Simply search for "Fair Trade Gifts" to find them. Supporting organizations that supply micro loans to help families in the 3rd world start a business prevents human trafficking.  

4. Many churches sell chocolate for Easter.  Ask them to make sure it is Fair Trade, meaning it says that on the box.  It seems contradictory to be celebrating freedom from sin and selling slave made products.  

5.  Write to the corporate headquarters for the place where you buy coffee and ask them to make their coffee fair trade like Starbucks has done.  

Reduce Demand

1. Post our anti-porn poster and the one letting people know that prostituted persons are victims of human trafficking  at your social media page.  You can find them on the Awareness Campaign tab. You can also find great posters at the Fight the New Drug site.

2.  Porn creates fantasies that viewers believe only a prostituted person can fulfill.  Go to www.OpenDNS.com and block any device that is using your wifi from accessing porn.  Then tell your friends,  etc. what you did.  

3. Let your youth pastor know about Fortify an online program that teens can use on their phone.  This program is offered a the Fight the New Drug site.

3. Many stocks are great buys because they are involved in the porn industry.  Go to the website for any stock you purchase to make sure that they are engaged in products or services that are ethical.

4.  There is a genre of porn entitled "barely legal porn" that takes young looking 18 year olds and has them appear like they are 15,  16, 17 (minors) and act as the seductress in the films.  The fantasies these films create are putting our children in danger.  When people wrote and complained to Verizon Fios they eliminated this type of porn from their menu. To find companies  to write to who are acting inappropriately, go to https://endsexualexploitation.org/ and search for the Dirty Dozen list. 

Prevent Victimization

1. Put the national human trafficking hotline into your phone.  1-888-373-7888.

2.  Teens are a target because they are easy to trick and traffickers can charge more for them.   Go to netsmartz and watch one of the  2 min. videos with your children or grandchildren.  Then share what you did with your friends., other parents, church group, coworkers, etc

3. Create a poster from our Awareness Campaign tab and put it up in a youth center.

Raise Awareness

1. Go to our Facebook page and re-post our posts, especially the ones that encourage people to take action.  

2. Re-Post the blogs from this site and/or post one of our posters to your social media from the "Awareness Campaign tab.


 1. Almost 100% of victims will see a health professional while they are victims.  Direct the health professionals you know to  the Soar website to get training. https://www.acf.hhs.gov/otip/training/soar-to-health-and-wellness-training 

2.  Direct the Attorneys you know to the CASTLA website to get training.

3.  Send this brochure to the teachers you know.  It is based on the successful model for schools that is on the Working Models tab.


Go to Shared Hope and "click" on the banner at the top "Contact Your Lawmaker to Fight Sex Trafficking in Your State."