2 hour Actions that work to fight human trafficking


Fair Trade

1. For the holidays, print out a Fair Trade flyer with websites where people can buy gifts and bring that to your office, singles group, service group meeting, etc.

2. Write to the corporate headquarters of the stores where you shop and ask them to carry fair trade items.  Have everyone you know sign the letter.

Reduce Demand

1. Create a poster online at a local office supply place like staples or several at Vista Print on how porn effects the brain from our Awareness Campaign tab. Get that poster up at your church or ask if you could get them up at a human trafficking events, boys and girls clubs, etc.     

2.  Ask your church or service group if they could invite a speaker on the detrimental effects of porn on the brain, to marriage and how it creates the demand for sex trafficking victims. 

Prevent Victimization

1. Invite a speaker to come speak to teens and parents.   You can find presentations on our speakers tab that a youth pastor or teacher could use.

2. According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one out of 5 runaways becomes a victim of human trafficking.  Organizations like Stand Up for Kids often have presenters who can come talk at a school about the dangers of running away.  Many teens think running away is the solution to their pain.  

Raise Awareness

1. Many women attend Candle, Pot and Pan, Make-up parties, etc. where the hostess gets a percent of the sales in free gifts.  However the hostess can get cash instead. This makes it possible for the hostess to have these parties be a fundraiser for a non-profit that is working on this issue.

2.  Invite friends over for a movie night with a movie that raises awareness regarding this issue.  Many movies are brutal and use the F word often.  One that people 12 and older can watch is "Priceless."  It is based on a true story and is truly inspiring.  It is available at Amazon.  Another great one is "Over 18" which educates parents as to the danger of teen porn addiction.


1. For both teachers and health care professionals, The National Human Trafficking Hotline has power points on their Resource tab that could be done as a 2 hour seminar. 


1. Write a "snall mail" letter to your representatives letting them know that reducing human trafficking is important and get several of the people you know to sign it.  In essence you are creating a petition. Make sure you include that you do not want prostitution legalized because in countries that legalized prostitution or decriminalizing prostitution for the prostitute, human trafficking increased dramatically because it allows the traffickers to hide in plain site. (Please see blog, "Does Legalizing Prostitution Reduce Human Trafficking."  Shared Hope has other suggestions for legislative actions.

2.  Some churches will allow you to do a "Letter Writing Sunday"  mainly for advocacy instead of political issues.  Advocacy would be something like writing to a company that uses slave labor to make their clothing.  Advocacy is more acceptable to people at a church than a political issue. The pastor simply invites the congregation to stop on their way out a the table. While some issues polarize us, there are many that are clearly consistent with our religious values like preventing slavery which everyone agrees on.  You will need to create a flyer with the issues you want them to write about and then they can write an actual letter or sign a petition that you created.