Speakers and Training Resources to Reduce Human Trafficking


Speaker Training

If you already have speaking experience or are a youth pastor and need a presentation, this section is for you.  If you want to speak, but need to develop yourself as a speaker, then you could attend Toastmasters to get trained. Our trainings are done in a way to keep people engaged as they are very interactive.  If you plan on editing these training's for your own personal use, no need to give us credit.   Be careful with your edits.  We have seen some outrageous stats given out.  Make sure you use reputable sources like The U.S. Justice Department, Center for Missing and Exploited Children, etc. and you present those stats accurately.  All Power Points are in Microsoft office 365. If you have an older version of office, you might not be able "read" the presentation.  In that case you can download the PDF version and create your own.  We recommend you embed your videos so you don't need to rely on internet.  All you need to do is go to You Tube and below the video is the word "Share."  Select that and then select "embed."  Enter that code into the box in your power point after you select the video icon in your slide.    Here is our speakers training to get your started.



Teen Training to Prevent Victimization


Most teen presentations are focused on how cyber exploitation and social media apps creates victims of human sex trafficking. This presentation goes beyond that and addresses recruitment at parties and school, how young men and women are tricked into becoming recruiters, how destructive porn is, how the prostituted persons portrayed in Grand Theft Auto are victims, etc. The teens role play on how to talk to a friend who they know is being groomed online or at school. At the end they talk about what they can do to raise awareness among their peers. Right then and there, they are invited to send a picture of  the "Sowers Education poster that is on the to a friend on Facebook.  Here is our power point, the script, the handout and the presentation in PDF format.  Videos don't play in PDF format so you will need to go to You Tube to embed them. If need be, please change the picture so it reflects the race of the teens in your audience so they are clear you are talking about them.


Cyber Exploitation for Parents

 Parents don't want to just be told how vulnerable their children are to becoming victims of sex predators and/or victims of domestic sex trafficking. They want tools, training on how to talk to their children, etc. So for this presentation, parents are given tools like the videos at Netsmartz, tools to block porn from their children's devices with openDNS.com etc. In addition, parents role play how to talk to their teens with one person acting as the parent and the other parent acting as a bored teen. (There is lots of laughter during this part.) Then they share what worked. Behavioral scientists tell us that when you have one practice a skill they are far more likely to do it.   Here is the power point. Here it is in PDF.  Here is the script for the Presentation and here is the handout we use which provides actions people can take.. Here is the power point in Spanish with the script and the handout in Spanish.  Here is the power point in PDF format.


Training for Men's Groups

We did a survey and asked men if they got an email from their church or service group letting them know that the speaker for the next meeting was going to talk about porn and/or how prostitutes are victims of human trafficking, how many would want to come. The answer was almost zero. They felt they already knew porn was bad and didn't need to come to a program where they would be "beat up" for their usage.  Some were interested in learning about prostituted victims, but not that many.  Mainly there were interested on how to protect their daughters.

Men aspire to be leaders which why the title of our presentation is The Fight is Ours to Win: Men as Leaders in the Fight Against Human Trafficking," and begins with an inspiring video about a group of men who are taking the lead in raising awareness in the fight against domestic sex trafficking. The presentation does graphically show the damage porn does to the brain and how porn is responsible for 68% of divorces. Then the presentation goes beyond that and talks about men as mentors, speakers, etc., how they are the solution to the end of human trafficking.   Here is our poster on the damaging effects of porn.   You can download the Power Point here.  Here is the script and the same presentation in PDF. Here is the handout we use when we speak.