The Faith Community


51% of People in the U.S. Attend a Faith Community

Faith Communities have access to people from all walks of life.  By familiarizing themselves with the models from our "Working Models" tab, they can direct professionals to what they can do. By recommending that their social justice ministries/committees read the book "How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference," that committee can "hit the ground running" with regard to setting up awareness events and activities that make a difference if the fight against human trafficking.  


Everyone Can Help

The Senior Group can do a fundraiser or drive for a non-profit.

The Youth Group can serve Fair Trade Coffee after the service and sell Faith Trade items for the holidays.

The Social Justice committee can host an awareness event.

The Women's Group can invite a speaker to speak at the services from a foster care agency for the purpose of recruiting good foster parents.

The Men's Group can have someone speak on the ways men can contribute the end of human trafficking.  (Please see our presentation for men on the speakers tab.) 


Parents, Teens and Children

If every two years, faith communities invited parents and teens to come to a presentation on cyber exploitation, we could significantly reduce the number of children and teens who fall victims to predators and traffickers . Presentations can be found on our speakers tab.  Youth pastors can engage teens and children in fun activities like poster contests.   Teen have gone to malls and done "freeze frame" skits holding signs as a way to raise awareness.